Cinnamon is not just for cooking and baking! Its warm, delicious presence suits many rituals and spells.

One of its most well-known properties is its ability to attract success, wealth, and prosperity. Sprinkling cinnamon on money, using it in your money bowls, or burning cinnamon incense is great when manifesting wealth and abundance. In some traditions, placing a cinnamon stick in your wallet or purse is said to attract more money to you.

Cinnamon also has protective properties. It can ward off negative energies and protect against harm. In the home, cinnamon loves your front door – place a cinnamon stick by your entrances, burn cinnamon incense, or blow ground cinnamon over your doorstep to strengthen a protective barrier around you and your loved ones.

And you can’t talk about cinnamon without mentioning its scent and flavour! Cosy, warm, sweet and savoury, it’s perfect for the cooler months. Cinnamon’s considered an aphrodisiac so it’s wonderful for self-love spells, or when strengthening relationships. Add it to sensual drinks like hot chocolate, or include it in your kitchen witchery.

Burning cinnamon incense during meditation or carrying a cinnamon stick also helps you connect with your intuition and higher self. Its scent stimulates your third eye chakra, which increases your spiritual awareness.

This versatile spice is perfect for your Winter magic (and your Winter cooking). Enjoy!