Catnip in Witchcraft

Catnip, known scientifically as Nepeta cataria, is not just fun for our feline friends (and let’s be honest, us when we watch them) but it’s also a potent herb to use in witchcraft. Its versatile properties, ranging from love and healing to psychic abilities and spiritual connection, make it a helpful addition to your herbal collection. 

In this article, I’ll list its magical properties and how it can be incorporated into your witch-workings.

Love & Relationships

One of the main uses of catnip in witchcraft is for matters of the heart. It can be used in love spells to attract romantic partners or strengthen existing relationships thanks to its magical ties with the planet of love, Venus. When combined with rose petals, catnip becomes a powerful ingredient for love magic, enhancing the spell’s potency and depth of emotion. 

Chuck some dried catnip and rose petals into a spell bag and use it next time you’re whipping up love spells on a Friday!

Healing & Calm

Catnip’s soothing properties extend to healing and tranquillity spells. It can be used to promote restful sleep, ease anxiety, and bring peace to turbulent emotions. Including catnip in rituals focused on healing physical ailments or mental distress can boost the energies of healing and rejuvenation.

Psychic Abilities & Intuition

Looking to enhance your psychic abilities or deepen your intuition? Look nor further, catnip is a great ally for this. It can be used in divination practices, dream magic, and rituals aimed at unlocking hidden knowledge or accessing spiritual insights. 

Burn some catnip as incense during meditation as it can facilitate psychic clarity and heightened awareness.

Luck & Happiness

Catnip has big ties to good fortune and happiness. Sprinkling it around thresholds or carrying dried catnip in a spell pouch can invite positive energy into your life and home. Its connection to luck makes it a favoured herb in spells aimed at overcoming challenges or attracting opportunities for success.

You can also wear a sprig of dried catnip on days where you have to overcome certain challenges, it’ll protect you & boost your chances of success. 

Spiritual Connection & Goddess Magic

In ancient Egypt, catnip was associated with Bast, the goddess of pleasure, fertility, and protection. Offering catnip to Bast during rituals can strengthen your connection to her divine feminine energy and invoke her blessings. Catnip’s alignment with water and Venus boosts its magical properties related to love, beauty, and feminine energies.

Glamour Magic & Beauty Spells

If you’re practicing glamour magic or beauty spells, catnip can work wonders. Drop some into potions, baths, or charms aimed at enhancing your allure, confidence, and inner beauty. Its association with Venus lends a touch of enchantment to rituals focused on self-love and empowerment.

Stealth & Protection 

Catnip is a versatile herb that can add a touch of stealth to your spells. Whether you’re working on protection magic or seeking subtle ways to influence a situation, catnip can be used to cloak intentions and navigate challenges discreetly. Its gentle yet potent energy makes it a great ingredient for spells that require secrecy and a bit of, let’s say, feline finesse.

Catnip in the Garden

Planting catnip in your garden not only attracts playful and positive spirits but it also invites good luck and blessings. It creates a harmonious environment that nurtures spiritual growth and positive energy. Plus, growing your own catnip allows you to infuse your spells and potions with fresh, potent energy directly from the plant.

It can also be used to invoke meaningful dreams when you’re seeking hard-to-find answers, and if you share some with your kitty it can help the two of you strengthen your spiritual bonds. 

So whether you’re seeking love, healing, luck, or spiritual connection, catnip offers its gentle but potent energy to boost your magical workings. 

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.