Astrology: Uranus

Uranus is a powerful, mysterious planet. Its associated with the energy of sudden change and innovation, and rebellion. Its a planet of unexpected events and can bring about radical shifts in our lives.

We can tap into the power of Uranus to bring about transformation, change, and progress. It can be used to open the door to new opportunities and ideas, and help us make bold decisions to break out of our comfort zone. It can also bring our hidden talents and creativity to the surface, allowing us to explore new paths.

Uranus is a potent energy source for witches that can be harnessed through meditation and visualisation. Visualise yourself surrounded by the blue-green energy of Uranus, and allow it to fill your body. Picture yourself making bold choices and taking risks. Focus your energy in the direction of your goals and let Uranus provide the power to make them happen. With this energy, anything is possible.

Correspondences: quartz, orchids, valerian