Astrology: The Sun

The sun is a symbol of power and strength, and, in many cultures, an aspect of divinity. It represents life, growth, and fertility. To witches, its associated with healing, protection, and good luck. In the world of astrology, the sun represents the ego and the conscious mind.

You can connect with the sun by going outside during sunrise or sunset, and meditating on its powerful energy. Another way to connect is through sun magic – this type of magic involves using the power of the sun to bring about positive changes in your life. To do sun magic, you can start by setting up a ritual space outdoors or in a sunny spot in your home. You can then use items such as candles, crystals, and herbs that are associated with the sun’s energy to help you focus your intentions.

Being in nature and connecting with the sun can be a powerful way to tap into its energy and use it for your own personal growth and transformation. If you are looking for a way to bring more positive energy and light into your life, connecting with the sun through witchcraft can be a powerful tool.

Correspondences: sunstone, cinnamon, sunflower