Astrology: Saturn

Saturn is a powerful planet associated with the energies of limitation, structure, and karma. Witches use its energies to bring structure to their lives and to increase their self-discipline when it comes to achieving their goals. Saturn is also associated with the concept of karma, encouraging witches to be mindful of their decisions and the impact they can have on their future.

Saturn’s energies can be harnessed by witches through meditation (to help bring clarity and focus), and planning (to help them stay on track to achieving their goals). Witches can also use the powers of Saturn to help them make decisions that are supported by their higher self and that honor their highest potential.

Witches can also use Saturn’s energies in spell work and rituals. For example, Saturn will banish negative influences from their life, bring protection to their home and loved ones, create a safe and comfortable space in which to practice their craft. You can also use Saturn’s energy to help understand lessons of the past, and to make decisions that will bring you closer to your desired goals in the future.

Correspondences: apache tears, patchouli, comfrey