A Tarot Spread for Unveiling Relationship Truths

When it comes to matters of the heart, tarot offers a method to gain guidance, perspective, and understanding. Whether you’re beginning a new romance or seeking clarity in an existing partnership, let the cards provide you with the insights you seek.

A Five-Card Tarot Spread for Relationship Truths:

1. Card One: The Current State

Start by shuffling your tarot deck, settling into a calm and receptive state of mind. Draw the first card and place it face-up. This card will represent the current state of the relationship. Observe the imagery and symbols, allowing them to guide your interpretation. Consider the card’s meaning in relation to your situation. Is it depicting harmony, conflict, or a state of uncertainty? Begin by acknowledging the present reality of your relationship.

2. Card Two: The Past Influences

Draw the second card and place it above the first one. This card will help reveal the past influences impacting the relationship. Reflect on any historical occurrences, significant events, or emotions that may have shaped the connection between you and your partner. By understanding past influences, you can better comprehend the underlying dynamics of your relationship.

3. Card Three: Hidden Obstacles

Place the third card below the first card. The third card will represent any hidden obstacles that might be affecting your relationship. These obstacles may be external or internal — misunderstandings, unspoken concerns, or fears that have yet to be addressed. Interpret the card’s symbolism and uncover how these obstacles may be impacting the connection you have with your partner.

4. Card Four: The Potential Outcome

Next, draw the fourth card and place it above the second card. This card will reveal the potential outcome of the relationship if the current trajectory remains unchanged. Pay close attention to the symbolism, as it may offer valuable insights into the possible future outcome. Remember, the tarot provides guidance; it is up to you to act upon the knowledge it presents.

5. Card Five: The Guidance

Lastly, draw the fifth card and place it below the fourth card. This card represents the guidance and advice the tarot offers. It suggests actions you can take to improve the relationship or handle any challenges that may arise. The guidance card will provide insight into what steps you can take to nurture, heal, or grow your relationship.


Using the five-card tarot spread to divine the truth about a relationship allows you to gain valuable insights into its current state, past influences, hidden obstacles, potential outcomes, and the guidance needed to navigate it. The tarot serves as a powerful tool to help you unravel the mysteries of your connection and enables you to approach your relationship with a deeper understanding and clarity. Remember, the tarot offers guidance, but it is essential to combine its teachings with open communication, empathy, and personal growth to truly transform your relationship.

Jenna is a pagan and lifelong student of history. She's the potion expert at High Priestess, and also designs tarot decks, oracle decks, and powerful ritual oils.