A Samhain Ritual

The veil is thin, the moon is low,
Ancient wisdom ebbs and flows.
Spirits whisper and secrets unfold,
Samhain magic is yours to hold.

– Jade Pullar

Are you ready to tap into the ancient wisdom of the spirit realm? This ritual will help you connect with the messages of ancestors and spirits during Samhain – when the veil between the worlds is thinnest.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A quiet, sacred space indoors or outdoors
  • A Samhain altar set up with items representing the elements, black candles, and symbols of Samhain (think gourdes, pumpkins, bones, or autumn leaves)
  • A bowl of water and a bowl of salt
  • An offering for the spirits, such as food, drink, or incense
  • A notebook and a pen

Setting the scene:

Set up your altar in your chosen sacred space and light your candles (and incense if this is your offering). If you’d like to open a circle, this is the time to do so. Then, take a moment to invite any deities you wish to work with for wisdom and guidance. Centre and ground your energy, then take a few deep breaths before you begin the ritual.

The ritual:

In front of your altar, place the bowl of salt on the right of your altar to represent purification and protection, and the bowl of water on the left to symbolise cleansing and clarity.

Call upon your ancestors and spirit guides, inviting them to join you in the ritual. Speak from your heart, expressing your intention to seek wisdom and guidance from the spirit realm during this sacred time of Samhain. 

Place your offering on the altar, dedicating it to the spirits as a token of gratitude and respect. Sit quietly in front of your altar, closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. When you feel calm and peaceful, visualise a thinning veil between the worlds, allowing the energy and wisdom of the spirit realm to flow towards you. 

With a calm mind, ask the spirits and ancestors to share their wisdom with you. If you have any specific questions, you can ask them now. Listen attentively for any messages, feelings, or insights that come to you. Trust your intuition and any symbols or visions that may appear.

When you have received your messages from the other side, open your eyes and take a few moments to write down any experiences, messages, or insights you received during the meditation.

Reflect on the wisdom gained and how it can guide you in your current goals and life’s journey.

When you’re done, thank the spirits, ancestors, and any deities you invoked for their presence and wisdom. Blow out the candles on your altar, and – if you opened one – close your circle.