5 Ways to Connect with Venus

Who is Venus?

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli (1485-1486)

The worship of Venus ramped up as the Greek cult of Aphrodite grew in popularity, and Venus held the special title of Genetrix, the mother of the Roman people. As the mother of the whole Roman race, as well as Roma (the personfication of the city of Rome), the Roman emperor Hadrian completed a beautiful double temple in her name. The ruins of this temple can still be seen near the Colosseum.

The Temple of Venus and Roma (Wikimedia image provided by daryl_mitchell, Saskatchewan, Canada – CC BY-SA 2.0)

Working with Venus

5 Ways to Connect with Venus

1. Leave her offerings of fresh flowers or fruit, a small bowl of water from a natural source, small mirrors, or rose quartz.

2. Friday is traditionally the day she is worshipped. Whether you freshen up her altar space or meditate with her, doing it on a Friday is like tapping into a direct line.

3. Keep some rose quartz or seashells in the space where you get ready for the day, preferably near a mirror. She’ll love that you’re practising self-care, and having those items there shows her that you know it!

4. Stand on a beach with your toes in the sand and call to her – she’s naturally associated with the ocean and her presence is often felt when witches use this backdrop for moments of reflection and gratitude.

5. A good old bathing ritual in her name will strengthen the bond between you and Venus. Light some candles (seven, if you have that many!) and scatter some myrtle or rose petals in the water.