5 Ways to Connect with The Fae

Who are the fae?

We know the fae to be both dark and light – tricky and mischievous in nature but not always with malicious intent. In Greek mythology, the fae were often depicted as beautiful women who could enchant men, sometimes leading them to their doom. In Persian lore, they were winged spirits, while in Irish tradition, they were portrayed as small, elusive people. The fae are deeply connected to nature and the mystical, embodying the enchantment of the natural world and the unseen. 

When should I connect with them?

Connecting with the fae is ideal for those looking to enhance their relationship with nature, seek assistance with household tasks, or ground themselves spiritually – but there are different kinds of fae that are good to connect with for different reasons. For example, Dryads can be called upon for grounding and connecting with the spirit of trees, pixies for joy and light-heartedness, and selkies for transformative work. Although, all fae can bring a sense of magic and wonder to everyday life and offer guidance in various aspects of witchcraft.

Here are five simple ways you can call the fae into your life:

  1. Create an inviting environment for the fae. Set up a small altar or space dedicated to them with natural elements like flowers, crystals, and shells. This creates a welcoming atmosphere for the fae to visit and bless your space.
  2. Honour the land. Fae are deeply connected to the land; they respect and revere the environment. Most fae are spirits of specific areas or parts of nature, so to open a channel of communication, start by honouring the land and environment around you. Plant trees or tidy up areas with litter.
  3. Create a fairy garden. Plant things that have ties to the fae, such as crocuses, lavender, thyme, poppies, primrose, mint, or rosemary. The focus is less on what you plant and more on maintaining your garden. Keep it sacred for the fae by including gifts or small crystals for them, small pieces of furniture or mirrors, wind chimes, and maybe even some fairy lights!
  4. Leave offerings. The fae appreciate offerings of honey, thyme, milk, or small portions of baked goods. These small tokens of appreciation can invite their presence and goodwill.
  5. Meditations, trance work, and hedge riding. Accessing liminal realms and meditative states will allow you to meet with them. Through these practices, you can journey to the realms where the fae reside and establish a deeper connection.