5 Ways to Connect with Morgan Le Fey

Known by many names such as Morgana, Morgain, or Morgne, Morgan le Fey is often depicted as a villainouse sorceress in the Arthurian legends of Avalon. But there’s much more to her than the movies would have you believe!

In the mythology, Morgan is known as the half-sister of King Arthur. Many versions of the story portray her as a villainous figure, seeking to undermine Arthur and plotting the downfall of his kingdom. They show her as an evil witch, an enchantress, and a foil to the virtuous King Arthur.

However, Morgan is one of the many ancient pagan figures who was demonised in the middle ages, when witchcraft hysteria was at its peak. In Celtic mythology, Morgan is one of nine sisters who rule the ancient isle of Avalon. Le Fey – of the fae folk – tell us of her importance and connection with the fae and magic. She was known as a healer with compassion, a benevolent figure of mythology. But in the Arthurian legends she was painted as a villain (similarly to other strong female deities such as Lilith).

Recently, there has been more of a push to reclaim Morgan’s real personality and power. As a figure in witchcraft, Morgan is known for her innate magic, her ability to shape-shift, cast powerful spells, and harness the forces of nature. Her knowledge of herbal medicine and healing arts also sets her apart as a wise and mystical figure.

She’s associated with the element of water, and with the moon. These elements represent intuition, emotion, and transformation, reflecting Morgan’s own mysterious and enigmatic nature. By connecting with the energy of water and the moon, practitioners can tap into the depths of their own intuition and inner strength, much like Morgan le Fay herself.

Overall, the mythology of Morgan le Fay is rich with symbolism, mystery, and intrigue. Whether you see her as a fierce and independent woman defying conventions or a misunderstood healer and protector, there is no denying the power and allure of this captivating woman.

5 Ways to Connect with Morgan Le Fey

1. Take a ritual bath:
Morgan is associated with the element of water, which represents intuition, emotion, and the subconscious mind. To connect with her, you can take a ritual bath, using candles, bath salts, and herbs. During a ritual bath, concentrate on the feeling of water on your skin, while you breathe deeply. Feel free to reach out for Morgan’s energy during your ritual, and see what comes back!

2. Create a magical herb pouch:
Morgan le Fey is known for her knowledge of herbal medicine and magic. You can connect with her by creating a magical herb pouch to devote to her. Some herbs that are traditionally associated with Morgan include mugwort, vervain, juniper, and yarrow.

3. Honour the moon:
Morgan is associated with the moon, which represents the feminine, intuition, and transformation. To honour her, you can work with the cycles of the moon in your magical practice, asking for Morgan’s help with setting intentions during the new moon and releasing what no longer serves you during the full moon.

4. Embrace your inner wild woman:
Morgan is often portrayed as a wild and untamed figure, unafraid to embrace her own power and desires. To connect with her energy, you can explore your own wild nature by taking part in dance movement. This can just be on your own in your room! Put on some music, and let your body move in any way it wants. 

5. Create a Morgan altar:
To deepen your connection with Morgan, consider creating a shrine or altar dedicated to her in your sacred space. You can include images or statues of her, as well as items that represent her energy, such as crystals, candles, and symbols of the moon and water.


Leela is the founder of High Priestess, a third-generation psychic, and a life-long student of goddesses and female divinity.