5 Ways to Connect with Kali

Who is Kali?

Kali is the Hindu goddess of death, destruction, and transformation. She is an embodiment of the Wild & Divine Mother, and is the ultimate symbol of time and change.

Kali is often depicted with a fearsome demeanour, adorned with a garland of skulls and wielding various weapons. Despite her fierce exterior, Kali is also a compassionate and protective force, guiding her devotees through life’s challenges and transformations. Her name is derived from the Sanskrit word kala, meaning ‘time.’ This emphasises her role in the eternal cycle of creation and dissolution.

Working with Kali

You can seek Kali’s blessings for liberation from ignorance, fear, and attachment, as well as for spiritual awakening. She’s great for transformative and powerful rituals, especially during moments of significant change or upheaval in your life. Call on Kali to destroy obstacles, dispel negativity, and foster personal growth. Often, we’ll turn to Kali when facing challenges that require courage, strength, and the removal of obstacles on our spiritual journey.

One thing to note about Kali is this: you must be authentic and clear in your invocation of her. This is because of her dual nature as both a fierce destroyer and a compassionate mother. If you’re not honest and clear with what you want, you may not be ready for the Kali who answers!

5 Ways To Connect With Kali

1. Invoke her presence and essence during the waning or dark moon phases to align with the powers transformation and release.

2. Leave her offerings of red hibiscus, dark chocolate, and red wine. Unlike other deities, also offering Kali things that no longer serve you is traditional.

3. When you feel like you need protection, call on her for casting spells or creating talismans to ward off negative influences, psychic attacks, or harmful energies.

4. Fire burning rituals to release what no longer serves you are ideal for Kali workings.

5. Do. Some. Shadow. Work! Kali’s fierce and dark aspects make her a fitting guide for shadow work – the exploration and integration of the Self’s repressed or hidden aspects.