5 Ways to Connect with Athena

Who is Athena?

Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. She’s often depicted with an owl and attributed to areas of life such as strategy, justice, arts and crafts, strength, and skill. Athena is one of the 12 Olympian deities and is an absolute go-to for wisdom, bravery, and feminine empowerment. She’s got your back in times of conflict and reminds you to stand tall.

Athena was an important goddess in ancient Greece, and it’s quite rare to find a myth she doesn’t feature in. Although over time, she became a goddess of duality. In some tales she’s depicted as a sympathetic protector, while in others she’s more emotional and acts in rage, becoming a ‘villain’. But why is this?

It depends on the version of her myth, and its origin. In ancient Greece, tales of Athena focus on her kindness and wisdom, whereas later stories told through an ancient Roman lens tend to paint her as a goddess who revelled in punishment. A good example of this is her role in the famous Medusa myth. Athena turns the maiden Medusa into a fearsome gorgon after Medusa is raped in Athena’s temple by Poseidon. In many version of the Greek myth, Athena does this because she wants to protect Medusa from this happening again. However, when the story was retold by the Roman poet Ovid, Athena transforms Medusa into a gorgon as punishment for losing her maidenhood and ‘defiling’ her sacred temple. 

Another example is the tale of Arachne, a woman who could weave with such skill that the gods began to notice her. After being challenged by the gods, Arachne wins a weaving competition. To punish her for winning, Zeus (jealous of Arachne’s skill) decrees she may never weave again. In the first version, Arachne is devastated by this and wants to end her life, so Athena transforms her into the first spider, so that she can continue to weave her beautiful creations. In a later version, Athena turns Arachne into a spider as a consequence for her pride, and she’s ‘forced’ to weave for eternity.

Through these different lenses, we can see the values and morals of each culture shine. How you view and work with Athena is ultimately up to you and the stories you resonate with. 

Working with Athena

Athena is perfect when you need to be a bit strategic about something. Whether you’re seeking wisdom or guidance, she’s your girl. Call on her when you need to make tough decisions, when you’re facing a challenge that requires planning, or when you need some clarity in your thinking.

Athena can be a powerful ally during times of conflict or when you need to stand firm in your convictions. Her attributes of strength and skill make her a formidable force to call upon when facing challenges that require resilience and determination. If you’re navigating a situation that demands justice or fairness, invoking Athena can help you uphold these values with grace and wisdom.

If you’re engaged in artistic or craft-related endeavours, Athena’s influence can enhance your creative process. Whether you’re writing, painting, sculpting, or working on any form of artistic expression, connecting with Athena can inspire you with innovative ideas and help you channel your talents effectively. Her association with arts and crafts extends beyond just skill; it encompasses the depth of insight and intelligence that can elevate your creations to new heights.

5 Ways to Connect with Athena

1. Study her
Read about her and seek inspiration from her stories. You can also dedicate time to learning and acquiring knowledge in areas that align with Athena’s domains, such as philosophy, strategy, arts, or crafts. 

2. Bathe her in river water
It’s traditional to cleanse and anoint your Athena statues or symbols in river water. 

3. Owls
Work with owls! Owl symbolism, owl feathers (ethically sourced, of course), owl spirit animals, owl charities – you name it. This is her sacred animal and they’re wonderful for invoking your inner wisdom.

4. Courage and strength
When facing challenges or moments requiring courage, call upon Athena for inner strength and resilience. Visualise her empowering you to face obstacles with determination and confidence.

5. Choose your weapon
If you can do it safely, learn how to use a spear, lance, sword, or bow and arrow in her name.