Summertime Tarot

Summer witch-vibes are all about divination, power, and dreamwork. Here are three tarot spreads to help you harness the energy of summer this year:

Summer Future Forecast

This spread is designed to reveal insights into your future for the summer season.

The Sun (Card 1): This card represents your significant current energy and outlook for the summer. It serves as a starting point for your summer journey. Take note of the card’s imagery and feelings it evokes. It can offer insight into your overall attitude and approach to the season. Are you feeling optimistic, confident, or perhaps in need of rejuvenation?

The Beach (Card 2): This card signifies your leisure and relaxation activities. It reflects how you’ll unwind and enjoy your summer. Pay attention to the details in this card, as they may indicate the places you’ll visit, the activities you’ll engage in, or the people you’ll spend time with during your leisure moments.

The Waves (Card 3): This card reflects emotions and challenges you may encounter during the summer. Just as the ocean’s waves can be gentle or turbulent, this card highlights the emotional tides you might experience. Consider how you can navigate these emotional challenges and use them as opportunities for growth.

The Bonfire (Card 4): This card shows what should be released or left behind this summer. Like a bonfire that burns away the old, this card suggests aspects of your life or habits that you should let go of to make room for new experiences and personal growth. It may represent areas where you need to release attachments or burdens.

The Sunflower (Card 5): This card reveals your personal growth and opportunities during the summer. Sunflowers are known for turning towards the sun, symbolising growth and positivity. Take note of the card’s symbolism to understand how you can thrive and what opportunities may come your way during the season.

The Sunset (Card 6): This card offers a glimpse into the conclusion of the season. Much like a sunset marks the end of the day, this card provides insights into how the summer season will conclude for you. Pay attention to the card’s symbolism and messages, as it can help you prepare for the transition into the next season.

Hidden Power of Summer

This spread helps you uncover a hidden power or strength within yourself during the summer.

The Seashell (Card 1): This card represents the external perception of your strengths. It reflects how others may see or perceive your abilities and qualities. Pay attention to any symbolism or imagery on this card, as it can offer insights into how you are currently viewed by those around you in terms of your strengths and abilities.

The Ocean (Card 2): This card reveals the hidden power within you. The ocean is vast and deep, representing hidden depths of strength and potential. Contemplate the imagery and symbolism on this card to uncover the specific power or talent that lies within you, waiting to be tapped into during the summer.

The Starfish (Card 3): This card indicates how to nurture and utilise this hidden power. Just as a starfish regenerates its limbs, this card offers guidance on how to nurture and develop your hidden strength. Consider the advice provided by the card to maximise your potential and make the most of your abilities during the summer.

The Coral Reef (Card 4): This card shows the potential obstacles you might face while harnessing your hidden power. Just as coral reefs are beautiful yet filled with challenges, this card highlights any potential hurdles or difficulties that may arise. Use this information to prepare for and overcome obstacles with resilience.

The Sailboat (Card 5): This card suggests the direction in which you can best harness your hidden power. A sailboat needs to catch the right wind to move forward efficiently. Similarly, this card provides guidance on the most favorable direction or path to take to fully utilise your hidden strength during the summer season.

Optional The Lighthouse Card (Card 6): This card advises on how to shine your hidden strength for others. Much like a lighthouse guiding ships safely, this card suggests how you can use your hidden power to benefit not only yourself but also those around you. It may offer insights into leadership, mentorship, or how to inspire and support others.

Summer Dream Decoder

This spread helps you decode and understand a recent or recurring dream you’ve had during the summer.

The Theme (Card 1): This card represents the central theme or message of the dream. Focus on the imagery and symbolism of this card to gain insight into what the dream was trying to communicate. It may offer a clue about what aspect of your life or emotions the dream was addressing.

The Symbols (Card 2): This card reveals key symbols or elements in the dream. Pay attention to the symbols shown and consider their significance. These symbols may hold the key to understanding the dream’s message. Use your intuition to interpret their meaning in the context of your dream.

The Emotions (Card 3): This card reflects the emotional impact of the dream. It can provide insight into your subconscious feelings and fears that the dream brought to the surface. Explore the emotions associated with the dream and how they relate to your waking life.

The Message (Card 4): This card offers insights into the dream’s hidden meaning. It represents the core message or lesson the dream is trying to convey. Meditate on the imagery and symbolism of this card to decipher the dream’s message and its relevance to your life.

The Guidance (Card 5): This card provides guidance on how to apply the dream’s wisdom in your life. It suggests practical steps or actions you can take based on the dream’s insights. Consider this card as a roadmap for integrating the dream’s teachings into your daily experiences.

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.