Moon Gardening

Gardening isn’t just a way to connect to Mother Earth. Where hands dig deep into soil and dreams take root, there exists a practice that moves with the rhythm of the cosmos: gardening with Mother Moon. 

This ancient technique is rooted in history and goes beyond ordinary to straight-up magical. Imagine harnessing the very energy of the moon to nurture your plants, fostering growth that resonates not only with the soil but with the universe itself. Moon gardening isn’t just about tilling soil; it’s about cultivating a connection between Earth and Sky, between you and the world around you.

As the moon crosses the skies, it casts a cosmic spell upon the Earth below. Its gravitational dance creates tides that ebb and flow, and just as it pulls the tides, it stirs the energy within living things – including plants. The moon’s sway over water is undeniable, and because plants are woven from the very fabric of Earth, they are also attuned to this celestial rhythm. For generations, cultures have sensed the moon’s influence, and agriculture has been orchestrated in harmony with lunar cycles.

Each phase of the moon influences specific aspects of plants’ development. Planting during certain lunar phases aligns your efforts with the moon’s energy, enhancing the chances of successful growth. This holistic approach to gardening is more than just another chore. It’s an act that marries practicality with spiritual resonance. 

Just as we work with lunations for manifestation, the new moon is a great time to plant actual seeds, too! This is when leafy greens, herbs, and fast-growing plants thrive under the cloak of darkness. 

When the moon is waxing, its energy shifts from stillness to growth. This is the perfect time to nurture and care for plants that feed on rapid expansion. Leafy greens unfurl, herbs burst with fragrance, and your garden becomes a canvas of vitality. As the moon’s light increases, so does the life force within your plants.

And what do witches associate the full moon with? Abundance! This is the moment to plant crops that bear fruit or seeds – the ones that promise to yield a bountiful harvest.

And then, as the moon begins its waning journey, it’s time to turn your attention to tasks that support your garden’s health. Transplanting, weeding, and pruning are activities that align with the moon’s decreasing energy. Just as the moon sheds its luminosity, your garden sheds the unnecessary, focusing its vitality on what matters most. 

Nature’s rhythm varies from season to season, and so do the moon’s phases. Understanding the interplay between the two and considering your local climate and planting zone is key to reaping nature’s rewards. Moon gardening isn’t a rigid formula, it’s a symphony you conduct alongside the universe. 

Moon gardening is where science and mysticism converge. While the moon’s influence on plant growth aligns with centuries-old beliefs, it also intertwines with practical gardening wisdom. By combining the two, you’re not only a gardener, but a co-creator with the universe. 

So, you can see it’s not just about cultivating plants. It’s about cultivating a connection.

Happy gardening, cosmic caretakers!

Jade is a shadow worker and lunar witch, an experienced witchcraft facilitator, and hosts the 8-week High Priestess course: Dedicant.