Full Moon in Capricorn

As the first full moon in Capricorn (that’s right, there’s TWO this year!) graces the skies, we are presented with the opportunity to embody the ambition and discipline of the great Sea Goat. 

Capricorn, ruled by the taskmaster of the cosmos Saturn, is all about hard work, commitment, and strategic planning. While Saturn sometimes gives the same vibes your least favourite teacher in school did, its influence ensures that the efforts you put in now will pay off in the future. 

So what will be highlighted for our first full moon in Capricorn?

Thanks to the Capricorn/Cancer axis, there’s a big emphasis on work and life balance for this full moon. If Cancer is the mother who nurtures the home, Capricorn is the father who focuses on his career (move past the ick from this outdated reference, it’s for context!), and finding harmony and balance in both of these areas is highly supported under the light of this full moon.

It’s likely you’ll be pulled toward reflecting on your spiritual and emotional growth. This moon asks us to practise awareness, take responsibility for our actions, and learn from our experiences. Be prepared for some personal epiphanies and realisations about your path and your purpose, but don’t be scared of the changes you’ll realise that need to happen – Cap energy is perfect for setting goals and creating step-by-step plans to achieve them.

This moon also asks us to step forward with full ownership of our lives. We may not deal the cards but we sure as hell play them! When we accept this, we unlock a power that has been waiting within. 

Perhaps you’ve had a big goal in mind that you’ve not been sure how to action. Well, now is the time! With Capricorn’s energy supporting the ability to deep dive into what you need and how to get it, you’ve got the support of the cosmos right by your side. Don’t forget to acknowledge how far you’ve already come when you do this, the full moon is all about growth.

An Emotional Capricorn Moon..?

Yep! These Capricorn full moons are our Cancer season bookends, bringing an added layer of emotion to the usually pragmatic Cap energy. This influence will draw attention to our capacity for compassion for others, and our ability to establish healthy emotional boundaries. 

The first full moon will set the stage for the first half of your story, while the second will reveal the rest. What begins to unfold now will continue to evolve, offering deeper insight and clarity as we approach the July full moon.

The Yule Full Moon

Not only is this full moon significant because it occurs twice this year, but it rises during the Winter Solstice. This brings a huge amplification of energies. Yule, or the Winter Solstice if you prefer, honours the rebirth of the sun and our Capricorn full moon supports working towards new achievements and goals so there’ll be significant themes of new beginnings and growth during this time. Yule’s focus on rebirth paired with Cap’s focus on setting foundations for future success is a potent potion.

Witchy Ideas for the Cap Full Moon

Click here for some witchy ways to harness the power of this full moon!

Witchy Ideas for the Cap Full Moon

  • Consider working with the tarot card, The Devil. Where in your life needs balance? Perhaps you’re doing too much or too little of something.
  • Try moon-mapping the rest of your year out (if you haven’t already). This can help guide your manifestation magic for the rest of 2024.
  • Meditate under the full moon and picture yourself celebrating the success of achieving your goals.
  • Work with the root chakra or practice grounding with nature.
  • Any and all career spells are supported by the light of this full moon.
  • Make some Capricorn full moon water to use in spells for hard work, career magic, or success in general.
  • Binding or warding spells for your bad habits. The disciplined energy of Capricorn will give these an extra boost.
  • Charge crystals such as clear quartz, black tourmaline, or smoky quartz to put on your work desk for focus.

So remember – focus on balance, mapping out your goals, and acknowledging your progress. This is a powerful lunation and a potent energy to harness. With the spirit of Capricorn guiding us, we have the potential to unlock new powers and open the door to a world of possibilities and opportunities.