Astrology: Mercury

Mercury is a potent planet in the astrological and magical worlds. Its known as the planet of communication and intelligence, and as the messenger of the gods. Its energies are related to the mental and intellectual realms, and is associated with the ability to think and communicate clearly. In the astrological world, Mercury is known as the planet of communication, commerce, and travel. In the magical world, it is associated with the power of magic, divination, and intuition.

As witches we can harness the power of Mercury to communicate more effectively, access higher levels of intuition, and increase our magical skills. We can also use Mercury’s energy to access ancient wisdom and knowledge, as well as to improve divination skills. Mercury’s energy can also be used to increase magical powers, such as psychic abilities, transformation, and protection.

The power of Mercury can also connect witches with other magical practitioners and tap into the energies of the universe. By connecting with Mercury’s energy, witches can open up channels of communication with the gods and spirits, and can access higher levels of insight and understanding.

Correspondences: emerald, lavender, celery