Astrology: Mars

Mars is known as the Red Planet because of its reddish-brown color, which is caused by iron oxide on its surface. Fuelling this, Mars is associated with the element of Fire and possesses passionate energies. Its associated with war, aggression and courage, as well as ambition, independence, and leadership. In astrology, Mars governs our actions.

Witches can harness the energies of Mars in order to boost their personal power and strength. It can help to take charge of their own destiny and stand up for themselves and their beliefs. Mars can also help to increase physical strength, stamina, and courage.

But wait, there’s more! Mars can be used to protect oneself from psychic attack, as it can help to build a strong energetic shield. It can be used to tap into one’s inner warrior and overcome any obstacles in life. Mars energies help to make bold decisions, take risks, and be fiercely independent. It can be invoked to break through blockages and take action. In short, Mars is a powerful ally for any witch!

Correspondences: eye of newt, hematite, guarana