A Simple Protection Ritual

Sometimes we just need a little extra protection from things. Whether you (or someone you know) is travelling, entering the unknown, or feeling a bit vulnerable, this simple ritual and charm can help bring a sense of security.

You’ll Need:

A white candle (a tealight candle is perfectly fine)

A piece of paper and a pen

A small dish of salt

Herbs/plants like rosemary, blackberry, or rose thorns

A small offering (this could be anything, but a small cup of tea is simple & easy to create)

Optional: some crystals like black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, or amethyst

Your Ritual:

1. Find a quiet space where there’s no interruption. Light the candle and place it in front of you

2. Sit quietly, and begin to centre & ground yourself. Focus on your intention of protection.

3. On the paper, write down the areas or people you wish to protect.

4. Hold the paper in your hands, and visualise a bright white light surrounding you and those on your paper. Create an energetic shield of safety and security, that extends from the paper, to you, and out into the world.

5. Now sprinkle a pinch of salt on the paper, to ‘seal’ in the energy and repel anything unwanted. This is where you can add your herbs and/or crystals if you wish.

6. Fold the paper into a little parcel and carefully hold it over the flame of the candle. There’s two options here: You can either let the paper burn in a heatproof dish, OR you can simply move the parcel through the candle smoke, without burning it. (Either option will help release your protective intention into the universe).

7. Close your ritual by thanking any guides, deities, or spirits you may have called on.

8. Leave your offering in thanks, wherever it suits. If it’s tea, pour this outside or leave it on your altar.

9. Finally, blow out the candle and keep your ashes/parcel in a safe but visible place. You can give it to the person in question (with their permission), or leave it by your bed and perform Step 4 each morning or evening.