A 2-Minute Guide to Scrying

Scrying is the act of using an object with a reflective surface to see visions. This is the origin of the famed ‘crystal ball’ used by fortune tellers in films and books.

Scrying is a very powerful practice, and all you need is a reflective surface with minimal distractions. You can use a mirror, or an old picture frame with the glass blacked out behind it. You can also use something more ‘magical’ in nature, like a specific scrying disc or an obsidian sphere.

Cast a circle for protection, and call on a deity or the Universe’s energy to protect you. In a dim room, breathe deeply and stare into the object, letting your mind go. It’s a good idea to keep the object on a stable surface (especially if it’s a sphere), so that you can fully concentrate.

The aim of scrying is to get into a trance-like state – this is when your mind is the most open and clear, and you can receive or view messages via your object’s surface. If you’re new to scrying, then getting to this trance state may take a few attempts, but hey – practice is the key! Chanting is a great way to get you into trance – concentrate on your breathing, and use a simple but powerful chant that you can repeat over and over. Humming also works!

After each scrying attempt, write down your experience in your grimoire. What did you feel? How long did it take? What surface works best for you? What doesn’t? Keeping track of your progress means you’ll know what to focus on or include for the next time, and it forms a valuable part of your ongoing spiritual and witchcraft practice.